Vintage style Art - Blanche Barrow

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You are looking at a digital print of one of my paintings. 
The print will be on wood ( 1/2 inches deep). I also work with Acrylic paint on every single print and I add a realistic paint texture. The edges are Textured and painted so you won't need a frame.
The painting is also available in custom sizes to fit your needs. 
It is a finished painting.

Handmade by myself.

11 x 15 x 1/2 inches 


Blanche Barrow (born Bennie Iva Caldwell; January 1, 1911 – December 24, 1988) was the wife of the elder brother of Clyde Barrow, known as Buck. He became her second husband after his release from prison after a pardon. To her dismay, Buck joined his brother's gang. Blanche was present at the shootout which resulted in the Barrow Gang becoming nationally recognized fugitives. She only spent four months with the gang. Although she never used a gun, Blanche was blinded in one eye during a getaway. In the same incident, she rescued her husband under heavy police gunfire. She was caught along with her fatally wounded husband by a posse of local men in Iowa. After she served six years in prison for assault with intent to kill the sheriff of Platte County, Missouri, but, he treated her sympathetically. Upon her release, she remarried and lived quietly thereafter.